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Last updated 2019-04-14
Status published
Author leadership
Announcement Date 2019-04-16
Enforcement Date 2019-04-23


This document applies to all users, present and future, as of the Enforcement Date in the header of this document.


Users MUST be 18 years of age or older to join and operate an account here.

Users under 18 at the time of the Announcement Date who will not be 18 before the Enforcement Date are expected to migrate their accounts to another instance by the Enforcement Date.

After the Enforcement Date has arrived, users under 18 will have their account suspended on sight.


Brief list of non-18+ instances


The patronizing legalese is that hosts “content harmful to minors,” but the plain English is that there’s quite a bit of, ahem, ambient horny-on-main around here. And when you (as a community) start mixing sex into the inevitable messed-up power dynamics between kids and older folks, you end up in A Very Bad Situation Very Quickly – not bad as in “someone gets arrested,” but Bad as in “someone gets their life ruined through years of abuse.” The admins here are volunteers; we don’t have the technical resources (or the spoons) to establish a non-lewd zone or enforce policies about sharing IRL contact info, so … here we are.

And look, we get it. We grew up on the Internet too, dialing in at all hours in a desperate search for the other freaks like us, and in hindsight, we definitely should not have been hanging out in some of those spaces. Sometimes we got in over our heads, and sometimes we didn’t even notice until much later. We’re honestly pretty lucky that nothing sketchy or worse happened. So we’re not saying to get off our lawn, or even to avert your innocent eyes – just to learn from our mistakes.

Stay safe out there. <3